About Us

Welcome to Whiteboard Consulting!

Founded in 2012, we are a boutique consulting firm that specializes in a holistic approach to business improvement. We use tools founded in Process Improvement theory and combine them with interactive and relevant training, individual and executive coaching, and implementation planning. We know that coming up with a great idea to improve is one thing – getting it done is an entirely different goal and has to be approached in an engaging and thoughtful way in order to be successful.

We are not the typical consulting firm. We won’t march into your office, tell you all the things you’re doing wrong, and then leave you with a binder full of charts, spreadsheets, and tedious documents. Instead, we will meet with you and your team and seek to understand your business, involving the right people all along the way, and building the solution from the inside out. By the time we are finished our work with you, you’ll feel engaged in the solution and confident in the results.

We are the Change Management company that uncovers hidden opportunities to improve results. Ask us how we can help.