About Us

Welcome to Whiteboard Consulting!

Founded in 2012, we are a boutique consulting firm that uncovers hidden opportunities to improve business results.

We know – lots of consultants say that. What’s different about us is that we uncover those opportunities by focusing on your Corporate Climate.

We believe that your Corporate Climate (which is influenced by your business processes, employees, corporate policies, traditions, and values) can only be its best if you approach it holistically. That means – you can’t just “do” process analysis or process improvement. You also have to know how to make that improvement stick.

We help you identify and design the improvement AND understand how to make it stick by using Process Improvement methods and combining them with interactive workshops, innovative (and fun!) training, and leadership coaching.

Our customers said:

Nicole and Ruth took the time to understand our business and provided training and and coaching services that helped us move forward with our work. – M. Davidson, Executive Director, Ontario Public Service

I have done facilitation and process mapping in the past but it has been a looooooong time since I have been able to utilize those skills. I was so happy to attend and receive a great refresher. Thank you! There was a wide variety of different folks with different backgrounds and you did great to keep all levels engaged and interested. – Attendee, Introduction to Process Mapping

Whiteboard’s enthusiasm and professional demeanour helped us to trust that they were leading us in the right direction, and as a manager, I’ve seen behavioural changes from the team within 24 hours. We all left feeling energized and excited about the work that lies ahead- thanks! – Manager, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre