Training & Facilitation

We are experts in both facilitation and training.

If you are looking for someone to guide your team through a series of complex discussions, we can do that by facilitating sessions that allow you, the leader, to be a participant instead of the facilitator.

If you are seeking fresh and fun training that will engage your teams and support your change efforts, we can help you do that too.

Some of our most popular courses include:

  • The Process of Communication
  • The Process of Coaching
  • The Process of Process Improvement
  • Getting to the Root of It… Quickly!
  • Understanding Change & Building Resilience
  • Process Mapping Essentials
  • Lean Six Sigma Essentials
  • Flawless Execution & Goal Setting
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leading & Motivating Teams

Our Customers Said:

Ruth and Nicole are excellent at what they do. Course content and facilitation is on the mark each time. Their passion and skill draws a high degree of engagement from participants, thereby delivering lasting results. – Steve Vanderkooy, President, Ontario Plants Propagation Limited

I very much enjoyed  learning about process improvement. The examples from past work experience were very helpful in adding a “real life” perspective to the learning and theory. Ruth and Nicole are very authentic and full of energy and complement each other nicely. I leave today armed with several tools that I can put to good use back in the office to engage other employees in mapping, planning, and implementing change.  –  Course Attendee at “The Process of Process Mapping”

I am happy to recommend Ruth, Nicole and the Whiteboard Consulting Group. I participated in their Process of Coaching course in Toronto and have referred to what I learned on a number of occasions. The great take-away of: “kindness and curiosity” as the starting point for even thinking about difficult conversations has been a go-to for me many times since – I have others now using it to diffuse stressful situations. Thanks. – Cynthia Johnston, Health and Social Care Change Project Management Professional and Associate LEAN Consultant