At Whiteboard Consulting Group we love to talk! Nicole and Ruth have strong communication skills and international experience at speaking engagements ranging from short 10-minute presentations to chairing conferences.

Speaking Engagements

Are you planning an event and looking for speakers? We are well-versed in public speaking, having delivered presentations to diverse groups including the Conference Board of Canada, The American Society for Quality, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Performance Design Lab’s Colleague Conference, The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists, and the 2013 and 2014 Quality Expo.

Whether you need a 60-minute presentation or a longer interactive workshop, we can help.

Testimonials From Our Clients:

I was just reviewing the feedback from the survey that we sent out and your session “Create a Process Driven Culture Via Coaching” was listed time and time again as the favorite of the conference. Keep doing what you two are doing, its clearly working. – Heather Townsend, UBM Canon Conferences

Every business has a blind spot, an area that needs improvement but due to our proximity to the situation reduces our ability to objectively assess and enact strategic improvements. Whiteboard’s seminar helped take a nebulous concept such as process improvement and provided great insight into techniques, that in turn created an actionable plan to improve my business.  Working with and attending this seminar took my feelings of being overwhelmed and channeled it into a definitive problem statement with metrics to quantify the problem and its improvement. – Amit Vermani, Founder, Naveco Power Inc.

Nicole and Ruth thoroughly impressed me as dynamic and knowledgeable speakers on process improvement. The session they ran had great takeaways and nicely translated what can be a “big organization” endeavour to small and medium size organizations. Well done. – Brent Kobayshi, President, Kobayashi Online