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In-Person Training

We love to teach!

Our workshops are known not only for their relevant and immediately applicable material, but also for the fun and engaging way that we work with your teams.

With more than 25 years of experience designing and delivering training on such diverse concepts as incivility, communication, transformation, and change management, Whiteboard trainers have the background and the stories that highlight the concepts and provide examples of our own trials and errors in the real world (something that really resonates with all types of learners.)

We are equally adept at training individual contributors and CEOs, and we have extensive experience in the private, public, and broader public sectors. Whether you’re looking for a half-day workshop or a milti-month program, ourĀ  facilitators excel in delivering material that can be customized just for you.

Our most popular in-person courses include:

Business Process Improvement

  • The Process of Process Improvement
  • Getting to the Root of It… Quickly!
  • Process Mapping Essentials
  • Lean Six Sigma Essentials

Project Management & Implementation

  • Project Management Essentials
  • Flawless Execution & Goal Setting
  • Understanding Change & Building Resilience


  • The Process of Communication
  • The Process of Coaching
  • Finding Your Voice: Helping People Speak Up At Work
  • Conflict Resolution


  • Leading & Motivating Teams
  • The Process of Communication
  • Conflict Resolution