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At Whiteboard we offer training that is designed to help you and your teams succeed at work.


We focus on the global skills that are needed to create and lead dynamic and engaged teams that are high functioning in the modern world.

Whether you want to expand knowledge related to continuous improvement and transformation, build a highly valued leadership team, or create an environment that ensure your employees thrive, we have courses that you and your teams will love.

We know that some organizations prefer in-person training and some prefer the option of allowing their employees to participate in self-directed online training, (actually, most organizations like a mix of both), and we are happy to provide you with both.

We also specialize in Trainsulting©, a new service that merges training and consulting into an entirely new approach to making your team, organization, or business work in the best, most efficient way possible. (Read more about Trainsulting© here.)

Recent Reviews

“Whiteboard was fantastic, and the team was very impressed – someone said it was the best internal training session they’d had in their career! We are very much looking forward to our next two sessions.” ~Anonymous Participant, Project Management Essentials, January 2020

“Your passion, fun approach, and practical application is what gets everyone engaged. You really make us think!” ~Anonymous Participant, Can We Talk? Giving Effective Feedback, January 2020

“Very beneficial course to develop leadership skills with real life examples that are easy to apply to the job.” ~Anonymous Participant, The Process of Coaching, January 2020