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Whiteboard Women

If there’s one thing we know for sure these days, women supporting women is powerful, important, and amazing!

We have been thrilled to offer coaching and conversation to young women just starting their careers and to learn from women with experience in industries that are new to us. We decided that a great way to give back to the world is to launch our own initiative to connect women and provide a safe space for them to network, share, learn, and grow in their careers.

For this reason, we now offer specific training and conversation, as well as workshops, related to our new program, Whiteboard Women.

Our recent podcast and blog series breaks down several gender diversity issues in today’s workplace environments, and in September 2019 we  formally launched the Whiteboard Women Community with a forum in downtown Toronto.

Women are now able to request access to our Facebook group in order to connect with like minded women, to share resources and ideas, and to seek help and advice.

In addition, we will hold quarterly networking and learning sessions, with all proceeds being donated directly to women’s charitable organizations in Toronto.

eMail us if you are interested in learning more!

Empowering Women at Work

Companies perform better when women are represented in senior leadership. We know this, and yet so many organizations struggle with retaining and helping women advance, particularly in traditionally male dominated industries like technology, manufacturing, and sales.

Studies show that some key factors in retaining women include: 

  • Helping them build strategic relationships,
  • Providing role models and mentors,
  • Helping them build senior relationships, and
  • Offering training and development opportunities.

Although many organizations have made incredible progress (and realized the successes), the fact remains that in most organizations, women must figure out their own tricky path to success.

Whether you represent an organization working to improve the gender balance or you’re a woman struggling to carve your path, we can help.


Does your organization have a formal strategic plan to balance the gender equation? Do you have a women’s network, targeted coaching, training, or even an understanding of the gender imbalance in your teams? 

If not, we can help. We offer:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Group Workshops (onsite or at a location near you)
  • Women’s Network Facilitation
  • Organizational Training


Are you a woman struggling to find your way in your organization? Would you love to feel and appear more confident at work? Are you tired of being “the only woman” at the table and not feeling heard?

We hear you, and we’ve been there.

Our coaches have backgrounds in technology, robotics, manufacturing, finance, telecommunications, and automotive, and we know how hard it can be to Find Your Voice in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

Whether your objective is to be more fulfilled in a current role, to make a transition, or to move to the next level, we can help.

Our Coaching Plans focus on your unique needs through one-on-one sessions, and are completely confidential.