Every program and organization is different, and your program may have different components or levels of customization that make this pricing different for you.

Here is a quick rule of thumb for our programming (like Limitless Leadership and Public Sector Back To School):

Up to 10 participants ~$499 pp

Up to 20 participants ~$399 pp

Up to 50 participants ~$299 pp

100+ participants ~$199pp

All of our programs include:

  • Needs Assesssment
  • Design and development or customization as required
  • 5x 90-minute Virtual Instrutor Led Delivery (think Conversations not Slide Decks)
  • 5x Audio Training (via Podcast or Clubhouse)
  • Text Message Micro-Learning (Slack, Teams, or Messenger also available)
  • Online Habit Building Tool
  • Evaluations, Data, and reports for all progams
  • A final report and reccomendations for future learning