About This Website

Creative Design and Content: Kobayashi Online, Toronto

whiteboardconsulting.ca/staging is a WordPress website created by Toronto-based digital design and development agency Kobayashi Online. Whiteboard Consulting approached Kobayashi Online in need to improve their existing website with emphasis on streamlining content management and refining the overall blogging experience.

To improve user experience and facilitate content management, Kobayashi Online implemented the WordPress platform as a basis for the redesign and migrated over all archived blog content from the original Textpattern site.

By using WordPress, Whiteboard Consulting will be able to update content to both their blog and news pages easily and pain-free. The homepage on the new redesign features a large sliding banner that acts as a “virtual toe-hold” while highlighting Whiteboard Consulting’s main tagline: to help businesses run better, faster, and cheaper.

The new site is also entirely responsive (meaning it adapts to changing browser sizes) and features a content slider on their “Whiteboard Way” page, which helps to organize text heavy content in a clear and coherent flow. Kobayashi Online’s creative team also designed a new logo for Whiteboard Consulting, conveying the company’s crisp and bright tone while keeping with the original brand colours.

For people interested in contacting Whiteboard Consulting for more information, they can reach the team easily via a form on the Contact Us page made with the Formidable plugin. Furthermore, to ensure the website will be indexed by search engines such as Google, Search Engine Optimization was provided by implementing the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.

Plugins Used

  • Collapse-O-Matic: Collapse-O-Matic adds an [[expand]] shortcode that wraps content into a lovely, jQuery collapsible div.
  • Formidable: Create forms using a drag-and-drop interface to collect visitor information, sign up for newsletters, ask questions, or request more information.
  • SlideDeck 2: Create SlideDecks on your WordPress blogging platform and insert them into templates and posts. Get started creating SlideDecks from the new SlideDeck menu in the left hand navigation.
  • SlideTabs: Create tab interfaces to organice and present any type of content on your website.
  • WordPress SEO: The first true all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress, including on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps and much more.


  • WordPress 3.6.1

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