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Our Story

On March 28, 2012, Whiteboard Consulting was born.  Our main service was process improvement consulting.  We were determined to help businesses become more effective and efficient using our own easy-to-implement and effective improvement methodology, The Whiteboard Way©.

We soon discovered that processes, systems, and tools to optimize business results could not stand alone. So, while we still have a passion for systems and processes, our focus is now on the Leadership and human skills organizations need to support a culture that brings process and structure to life.

Whiteboard’s passion moved to the Learning and Development (L&D) space. We know what organizations REALLY need is a culture shift.  We create leaders and cultures that encourage grace, compassion, empathy, innovation, and creativity. When organizations develop cultures and strong corporate climates, they are positioned well to adapt to the VUCA world.  Whiteboard helps teams prepare to transform, pivot, and execute on their most important business objectives.

Our training is engaging, modern, and we have data to show you the behavioral results of our work.

  • Our facilitators are experts in leadership and human skills. In addition, they have the entertaining and engaging style that has made Whiteboard thrive.
  • Our team has a  pulse on the modern tools for learning: eLearning, interactive virtual instructor-led peer coaching, text message microlearning, audio training, and an online habit-building tool to demonstrate behavior change.
  • The proof is in the data.  We collect, analyze, and share data about the learning experience to demonstrate individual success, aggregate data, surface themes, outliers, success stories, and bring new data and fresh insight to the organization.

Thank you to all our clients, partners, and supporters who make it continually fun to do what we do. We couldn’t – and wouldn’t – do it without you!