Process Improvement

What is process improvement or business process analysis? Simply put, it’s the art of looking at the way something is done today, and finding ways to make it better. Everything you do is a process, whether you know it or not – from doing your taxes to mixing a martini to completing applications or scheduling appointments.

Sometimes those processes are out of date because the business has grown or technology has changed and people are confused about roles and responsibilities. Often, processes have developed in isolation of the rest of the activities taking place in a business, and cause problems “downstream” in another part of the organization. This triggers a problem for you, the business leader, but you’re not sure what’s causing it or how to fix it. Or worse – someone THINKS they know what’s causing it, and they fix the wrong thing.

While we are certified in a number of process improvement methodologies like Six Sigma, Appreciative Inquiry, Method Time Motion Studies, and others, we believe that each situation is unique and needs a flexible and customizable approach. That’s why we developed The Whiteboard Way© – it’s like your own personal process improvement toolbox!

Our Customers Said:

Ruth and Nicole at Whiteboard have been true partners and collaborators in making our continual improvement program a reality. Their energetic, engaging and thought provoking approach is fresh and very welcome in today’s busy work environment. They have the right combination of experience and knowledge to help any size business improve and reach their goals. – Alex Hristovski, Sr. VP Technology Operations & PMO, IMAX 

Nicole and Ruth added incredible value to our restructuring process and were a wonderful breath of fresh air. They are the perfect balance of professionalism and approachability which worked very well with my organization. I would absolutely engage Whiteboard Consulting again, given the opportunity. Thanks Nicole & Ruth! – Director, Healthcare Sector