Why Coaching is everything…

slider1I’m not going to lie…this afternoon I have blog-itis.  I cannot for the life of me think of what to blog about.  Usually we have some client interactions that give us inspiration, or a topic that inspires us and then I go with it – but this week has been busy and I’ve been nose to the grindstone working, and not getting to talk to our most amazing clients.

Hmmm…..it’s like there are crickets in my head.

WAIT! Genius Moment Alert!!!

Coaching is everything, and everything else is…well, something else entirely Click to Tweet (Click to Tweet).

Coaching is Networking & Sales

Ever meet with a potential partner, and realize that they’ve prepared a sales pitch about how they can improve your website content?  And all you wanted was to discuss a marketing campaign?

The Problem: The person wasn’t networking – they were selling, and we (as a client OR partner) weren’t “there” yet. Inevitably someone left feeling defensive or “sold” to, and someone left sales-less and partner-less.  Just talking about yourself and offering your solutions may alienate your audience.

The Solution: Ask questions like:

  • Tell me about your business?
  • Tell me about why you started?
  •  Who are your best clients?
  • Tell me about your {insert your product here- website, tagline, website content, new process course?}
  •  How is {insert your area of expertise here – marketing, PR, Advertising}? Is it working for you?

Being kind and curious and asking as many open ended questions as possible POSITIONS you to build partnerships and opens opportunities to sales success you might never have imagined.

A wise friend once shared a quote with me: To be interesting, you must be interested.

Coaching is Relationship Building & Collaboration

Have you ever had to work with someone on something, but didn’t quite trust the “methods to their madness”?  Did you take over and just do it yourself?  You control freak, you! In order to collaborate effectively with others, you have to build a trusting relationship with them first.

The Problem:  You are trying to collaborate with someone, but don’t fully trust them yet – or they don’t trust you.  Someone is on a control rampage. Watch out!

The Solution: 5 steps to sanity:

  1. Assess the trust relationship (does it exist)?
  2. Assess which part of the equation is missing (Trust = Achieving Results + Acting with Integrity + Genuine Care.)
  3. Ask kind and curious questions (again, I know) to find out what happened.
  4. Offer Feedback (remember to ask permission) about the scenario that broke your trust.
  5. Resolve together.

Coaching is Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution

No matter what, everyone hits that roadblock where they don’t quite get along with a colleague.  Either it is something that rubs you the wrong way, or he/she is your outright NEMESIS.

The Problem: You’ve hit an impasse and emotions are in the way of getting to resolution!

  • Unless you have a trusting relationship, resolving conflict and giving feedback can’t happen.
  • Be an ASS!  Just kidding, use the The “ASS²” Method of Resolving Conflict.  This tool de-escalates emotions, seeks common ground, and works to solve issues.
  • Check your conflict resolution style – are you more assertive or cooperative (check one tool out here)
  • Take some time to breathe, prepare for a difficult conversation, and use the best conflict resolution mode to deal with your situation.

The  Solution: Use the Tools!

Coaching is Change.

Change is hard.  Sometimes even what seems to be easy can become challenging when an organization cannot effectively express their emotions (remember our Passive Aggressive Blog?) and communicate clearly.

The Problem: No one communicates effectively. It’s all hidden in the words – and their tone says it all.

  • Until an organization can effectively coach up, down, and across – you cannot implement or make significant behavioural changes in an organization.
  • Everyone needs to have trust and safety – before they can network, before they can give feedback, and before they can change.  Build it (trust) and they will come!
  • Use all of the coaching gears (discovery, feedback, and difficult conversations) CONSISTENTLY to create a coaching culture – and then make big change!

There.  Short, sweet, and to the point.

You can’t sell, network, problem solve, or change without coaching.

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Until next time,