Why the Miami Heat will beat the San Antonio Spurs. Simple! Clear Roles and Responsibilities

Last night I was working away on a client’s file when I decided to take a TV break.

I started watching the basketball play offs; Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs. It was a fast-paced game; lots of pressure to be accurate and efficient in front of 20,000 live fans and millions more watching worldwide. For those of you who didn’t watch, I won’t spoil it by saying who won.

Watching the game emphasized the fact that organizations, whether they be sports oriented or more corporate oriented, depend heavily on the success of clear roles and responsibilities.

Why do Defined Roles and Responsibilities Lead to Success?

1. Pin Points You in the Big Picture. If you have no clue what your role or responsibilities are, you’ll have no idea how you fit in the ‘game’, and thus it will fall apart when you try to play it.

2. Establishes Accountability. Each player is accountable for a certain outcome that leads to the collective success of the team. Just like an organization. For example, the point guard begins and sets up the play, the power forward drives and executes the play, and the centre supports the success of play by taking a second opportunity at the basket if it rebounds on the first try.

3. Helps to Avoid ‘Ball Dropping’. If you know what you are expected to be (role) and to do (responsibilities), the work, or in this case the ball, will flow continuously, from player to player to the basket. (2-points! Yay!) If you don’t, you may not have anyone to pass the ball to and end up having to hold it for too long, or even worse, double dribble. Ugh!

That said, Go King James! (Yes, a long shot I know ☺ )

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Until Next time!