Swashbuckling Your Way Through September

The other day Nicole and I were lamenting the end of Summer (she was lamenting a little more, as autumn is my favourite time of year) and the end of a more relaxed approach to work. With so many clients on holidays, it was nice to schedule our own down time and to take vacation or mini-breaks mid-week.

And then people started coming back to work. Suddenly everyone wants everything done in September, and we found ourselves wondering how we would get through it all!

Easy! Think Like a Pirate, and Swashbuckle Your Way Through!


First of all, let’s clarify the meaning of swashbuckle. One part of the definition refers to having a lot of swagger – that is, confidence in the way one presents oneself to the world – in the way you walk, talk, and dress. It also uses the word “flamboyant” (can you say, “Johnny Depp”?), which may be a bit of a stretch for us. But we love to think we have swagger!

The second part of the definition depicts excitement or adventure – this is really what appealed to us. If we look at September as one huge adventure, we’ll enjoy it, not dread it.

OK, now to the practical application:

How to Swashbuckle September


  1. Remember your lists. Almost exactly a year ago I wrote a blog on prioritizing and the benefit of making lists. (Read it here) In order to be confident and have swagger, you need to know where you’re going, when, and what you have to do before you get there. What, you don’t think pirates made lists? Well, they were very fond of maps, as we all know, which is a visual representation of a list, so I beg to differ.
  2. Say Aaar, but only using your inside voice! Remember, your clients come first. If their timelines change, it’s ok and it should be expected. If you’ve been planning your work ahead, hopefully you’ve built in contingencies. If not, refer back to your lists and just hunker down and get ‘er done with a smile.
  3. Treat it like an adventure! September has always been my New Year’s celebration. Whether it’s back to school or back to work, it’s a fresh slate for a new season, and it should invigorate you, not overwhelm you. See it as an opportunity, and you will find yourself looking forward to the challenge.


So avast me beauties! Grab some grog, turn up the fiddle music, and swab those decks, or I’ll have ye walkin’ the plank! (or your clients will…)

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Until next week!