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Whiteboard University: Our Approach to Learning

At Whiteboard Consulting Group (WCG) we understand that adult learners vary in learning style and preference, and that there are unique considerations for in-person and remote/virtual learning.

We believe in helping participants understand theory and concepts via interactive and guided learning that is applied to realistic and applicable business cases.

Whiteboard UniversityIn addition, our teaching is based on the Howard Gardner’s theory of “multiple intelligences”, which states that there are several types of learning styles (e.g. kinaesthetic, logical, intra-personal, visual/spatial, linguistic, interpersonal, etc). Our style is to ensure that each type of learner will find some portion of our agenda that resonates with them. By doing this, we reach every single student.

As trainers we link the diverse backgrounds, learning styles and job requirements of each learner to the practice of the curriculum, thus ensuring they understand and can apply this new knowledge in every-day office settings.

Process Improvement Curriculum

PI-101: Introduction to Process Improvement Part I

In this course the learner is introduced to the history and evolution of traditional process improvement methodologies and the benefit (or “burning platform”) of adopting a culture focused on quality improvement.Whiteboard University

The learner will also be introduced to “The Whiteboard Way”, a simplified and efficient method of implementing process improvement. Learners will be able to apply basic tools allowing them to be specific when defining opportunities for improvement (Define It!). As well, the learner will be able to present these opportunities in a visual format (Draw It!).

PI-201: Introduction to Process Improvement Part II

This follow-up course allows the learner to move from problem identification to the identification of solutions (Imagine It!). The importance of data-based decision-making is introduced as a critical element of business case development (Prove It!), and foundational to the final phase, communication. Finally, learners will understand the influence that an effective communication strategy will have on the success of their process improvement activity (Talk About It!).
Pre-requisite: PI-101 (or equivalent)

Ruth Henderson - Whiteboard ConsultingPI-301: Connect the Dots: Why Data is Important

This course addresses the common complaint of being “data rich but information poor”. The learner will be introduced to the basics of collecting high quality data and performing basic analysis to prove the root cause of a problem (data-based decision-making), support the proposed solution to the problem, and develop simple methods for ensuring the improvement “sticks”.
Pre-requisite: None

PI-302: Process Improvement Through Coaching

In this course the learner will be able to combine the concept of process improvement basics with the basics of coaching. By putting the two together, experience has shown it is possible to change a culture almost by osmosis.

An effective and engaging leader (at any level) can coach “up, down, and across”, lead by example, and subtly and permanently change the course of his/her organizational culture.

The learner will understand how to take small but specific steps to change a resistant culture to one based on processes and data-based decision-making.
Pre-requisite: None

Whiteboard University

PI-303: Introduction to Project Management

The learner is presented with the essential elements of project management in a simplified and common sense approach.

The importance of planning, time management, task assignment and communication are introduced as critical factors needed to deliver successful projects.

This course presents the learner with a simplified, common sense, from ‘the gut’, way of approaching project management. No business or engineering background required.

A myriad of critical elements are introduced, including: understanding scope (where to draw the line), how to create a basic project plan, the importance of roles and responsibilities, time management- the archenemies of risk mitigation, and communication plans ( understanding your audience, check points and team meetings).

PI-401: Mind the Gap: Managing the Space Between the Silos

In this course the learner will learn how to break down traditional “silo” mentality by organizing work so that it can not only be done, but also can be managed and supported. The learner will identify and develop key corporate processes that ensure effective communication across teams, departments, divisions, and even physical locations. The importance of emotional intelligence as an effective means of influencing the successful implementation of these processes will be discussed.
Pre-requisite: None

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